1. Under the surface. Also, I just really like these colors. #thedrifterscollective (at Wailea, Maui)

  2. COCOnuts. (at Big Beach)

  3. Vroom, vroom. #thedrifterscollective (at Big Beach)

  4. Blue skies and clear waters. Thank you @wetsandsurf.. I’m officially sea-ready & bikini equipped. #thedrifterscollective (at Wailea, Maui)

  5. If heaven is a place on earth, it is here in Maui.. at this exact moment. Had the best night last night meeting up with friends, eating poke, watching the sunset, sneaking into oceanfront jacuzzis, counting stars, riding truck bed, and talking about everything and nothing all in one night. So lucky to be here. (at Big Beach)

  6. Listening to the ocean waves and a few shades darker already.. I swear I might stay here forever.

    But seriously. (at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea)

  7. Just slightly in love with this place.

  8. Vibes and visuals. (at Paia Beach)

  9. Last night’s island bliss. (at Paia Beach)

  10. Ohhh. I am so in my element. (at Wailea Beach, Maui)

  11. Oh HI, Hawaiiland. (at Paia Beach)

  12. I think I’ll just stay here a while.. (at Paia Beach)

  13. Love like a Sunday. (at Cannon’s Dana Point, Ca)

  14. Sliding solo.

  15. Indigo dye and bedhead forever.